DOE CD-1/2/3a Review of the MINERvA Project

Main INjector ExpeRiment v-A

December 5, 2006

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Overview of Charge and Experiment

  • MINERvA Overview (pdf)
  • DOE CD-2 and CD-3a Scorecard (pdf)
  • Review Presentations by MINERvA Project Team
    • Project Overview (pdf)
    • Scintillators (WBS 1.0) WLS Fibers (WBS 2.0) and Clear Fiber Cables (WBS 4.0) (pdf)
    • Phototubes (WBS 6.0) PMT Housing (WBS 5.0) and Electronics and DAQ (WBS 7.0) (pdf)
    • Scintillator Plane Assembly (WBS 3.0) Frames Absorbers and Stand (WBS 8.0) and Module Assembly and Veto Wall (WBS 9.0) (pdf)

Required CD-2 Documentation

  • Detailed Resource Loaded Schedule
      • Microsoft Project File (mpp)
      • Gantt Chart (pdf)
      • Critical Path (pdf)
      • Costs Note: unless otherwise
        indicated, the costs in this table are unburdened FY06$ base costs (pdf)
  • Detailed Cost Estimate (pdf)
  • System Functions and Requirements Document (Conceptual Design Report) (pdf)
  • Results of and Responses to Site Preliminary Design Review
  • Final Closeout Report from Director’s CD-2/3a Review (pdf)
  • Response to Director’s CD-2/3a Recommendations (pdf)
  • Preliminary Design Drawings (Web Page)
  • Project Execution Plan (pdf)
  • Start-up Test Plan (see Scorecard)
  • Hazard Assessment (pdf)
  • Risk Management  (pdf)
  • Acquisition Strategy (3.2MB pdf with signed signature page) or (323kB unsigned pdf)
  • Value Management/Engineering Report  (pdf)
  • Funding Profile (pdf)

Required Documentation unique to CD-3a

Other Documents