Nuclear Target Coherent Pion Data Release


“Neutrino-induced coherent pi+ production in C, CH, Fe and Pb at Neutrino Energy of ∼6 GeV”
Accepted by Phys. Rev. Lett., hep-ex/2210.01285



  • Absolute Muon Neutrino Coherent pi+ production Cross sections on CH, C, water, Fe, Pb versus neutrino energy, pion energy can be found here (in .csv format)
  • Covariance Matrices on these Absolute cross sections are also included in this file.
  • Ratios of cross sections on C,water, Fe, and Pb to the cross section on CH are provided here (in .csv format)
  • Covariance matrices on these ratios are also included in this file


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  • If you use data linked from this page, please reference the publication: hep-ex/2210.01285 .